Simple Racks Systems, Light Duty Racks, Industrial Shelving, Pallet Racks, Cantilever Racks, Higrise Pallitized Racks, Slotted Angles, Decks, Safety Grating, Mumbai, India
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Simple Racks Systems, Light Duty Racks, Industrial Shelving, Pallet Racks, Cantilever Racks, Higrise Pallitized Racks, Slotted Angles, Decks, Safety Grating, Mumbai, India


Simple Racks Systems, Light Duty Racks, Industrial Shelving, Pallet Racks, Cantilever Racks, Higrise Pallitized Racks, Slotted Angles, Decks, Safety Grating, Mumbai, India



Technical Specification

  Key Features :
Premium quality. Durability. Highly resistant. Spacious.
Maximum utilization of space. Sober look.
Reasonable price.
Minimum maintenance.
Technically qualified personnel.

  Specialty :
Efficient staff.
Highly qualified engineers. Well managed customer services.
High market goodwill.


Mini heavy duty components manage cubic space in your shop floor or warehouse effectively to help you reduce material handling and holding costs while improving productivity.

The flexibility and versatility of these components allow you to configure system, which is virtually tailor made to meet your specific requirement. 100% accessibility offered to stored material, also help in reducing damage and improving inventory control and audit.


  Heavy Duty Construction

Mini heavy duty components are designed to support loads, even as high as 4 tons per loading level or upto 18 tones in a unit, thus helping you to get tremendous saving in material handling.


Solutions to your storage requirements for shop floor, row material stores, finished goods stores….. for virtually any work place that you may need, are possible by using mini heavy duty component.

Flexibility in configuration

Components can be assembled, dismantled and re-assembled to build new configuration to meet your changing needs, thus allowing you to adapt without having to pay a great deal extra

Safe Design Parameters
Components are designed with a factor of safety of 1.67, with respect to yield stress (as specified by bureau of Indian standards IS 800/8801) To ensure safety of the system during operations.

Easy to Install
The components can be installed by you independently. However if you required technical services, they are available at an extra cost, as an option.


Safety During Usage

The unique angular LIP connector’s wedg firmly on the uprights, thus greatly enhancing the stability and rigidity of the installation. Beams are painted in bright orange colour, to help safe operations, with material handling equipment, even at heights beyond 4 mtrs. Components to enhance stability are an integral part of the installation. Accessories to protect the installation from accidental damage by material handling equipment are also available.

Superior Process Control
Insistence on using prime quality steel, procured from reputed manufacturers like sail, ensure strength and rigidity of our components. Attention to minute details during manufacturing process, Assures you of consistent quality.

Wide Range of Components
A wide range of each type of component in all dimensions to meet your specific needs allows you to use maximum cubic space available. Components to enhance effectiveness and sgety are also available.

Superior Finish
Superior quality paint is applied to the components which are then oven-baked to given a long lasting protective paint finish. The components are painted in attractive bright orange/ozar blue paints and shades with excellent reflectivity.


  • UPRIGHTS Uprights are offered in lipped ‘C’ or box section in thickness of 2 mm, 2.5mm and 3.15mm depending on the load. They can be provided in various heights upto 9000mm. Angular slots are provided at a pitch of 100mm to engage with lips of the beam connectors. For assembling the upright frame, Two uprights are joined together with bracing brackets and bracing angles.

  • COLUMN GUARDS Column guards are used to prevent damage to uprights, due to accidental collision of material handling equipment.

  • BEAMS Beams are offered in Lopped ‘C’ or box sections, depending on the load to be supported and span of the beam. Beam span can be upto 3000 mm and load per level upto 3000 kgs. UDL.

  • BEAM CONNECTORS Two beam connectors are firmly welded to the ends of the beam. Angular lips of beam connectors wedge against angular slots, provided on the uprights. This wedding action, imparts high degree of rigidity and stability to the installation.
  • ROW CONNECTORS: The unit can be connected back to back with row connectors. This adds stability to the installation and maintains uniform distance between units. With our technology and able guidance of experts, even the unutilized idle space can be converted into storage space for raw materials, finished goods or any other inventories which ultimately turns cost effective to any organization.

In these days of lack of space & sky rocketing real estate prices it is essential to make the maximum usage of space available.

With a view to accommodate the maximum storage substance, we have come up with the heavy duty material to be installed vertically for optimum use of the available space.

These components are manufactured under strict guidance of experienced hands in such a way so as to maintain its flexibility and makes it easy to be assembled, dismantled & reassemble as per the requirement.

The other main advantages being
I. The material stored is fully accessible.
II. Complete control over inventory.
III. Chance of Damage is as food as nil.
IV. Reduces handling cost of the stored material.

The raw material is procured from the reputed manufacturers like sail thus ensuring the best quality of the products. Even the paints used are of superior quality.

We have different types of storing system for various requirements, such as

  Heavy Duty   For Pallatized Load
  Shelving System   For non Pallatized Load
  Cantilever System   For High Roof Stores

  Designed to meet your Specific needs

Our design engineers can offer you a cost – Effective solution to meet your specific requirements on receiving the following details

  • Layout of the area where you wish to utilize the cubic space, complete with details of pillar positions, openings,
       clear height available, amongst others.

  • Details of the load to be handled, i.e. palletized or non-palletised, pallet dimensions and type, method of handling these loads,
       i.e. manual or with material handling equipment.

  • Detailed specification of the material handling equipment, such as minimum aisle width required, maximum fork height etc.

    You can well appreciate that this interactive process can deliver a solution most suited to your requirements and now that you know all about multi-faceted mini heavy duty components.

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